Well, our computer’s been acting like a little shit apparently, so the very nice, long detailed post I’d made went bye-bye.

If I seem a little blase, it’s because I need to see a doctor. (personal reasons). I’m just waiting on my insurance card from work to come in the mail. Hurry the hell up please!

I’m done eating spaghetti right now and irate at not saving my post in WordPad.

New Dead Like Me Sunday. Click the show’s title for more info. I need to watch the last 2 episodes on Showtime On Demand.

Also, the brilliant Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” has its trailer online at

The film stars Bill Murray as the pot-smoking head of a group of dysfunctional deep-sea divers. I am so there when it opens on Christmas Day!

Also at the same URL above, you’ll find the trailer for John Sayles’s Silver City. It stars Chris Cooper as a “gramatically-challenged” candidate for Colorado’s governership and the way he and his Karl Rove-like advisor deal with the appearance of a dead body during a campaign commerical shoot. Hmmm…gramatically challenged…who does that sound like? BTW, you can visit Cooper’s character’s official campaign website at

At you’ll find the trailers for Alfie, Sideways, and I Heart Huckabee’s. Alfie is a remake of a classic Michael Caine comedy starring Jude Law, Sideways is the newest movie from the great team that brought us Election and About Schmidt. It stars Paul Giamatti & Thomas Haden Church. Church is taking a road trip with Giamatti right before his wedding day and the film deals with the quirkiness they experience along the way. I Heart Huckabee’s is an existential comedy with Jason Schwartzmann, Dustin Hoffman, Lily Tomlin, Jude Law (yes, again!), Naomi Watts, and Mark Wahlberg.

Also, hit to see that, yes, the “Countdown to Obscurity” has begun! (Craiggers words himself) Craig Kilborn has decided to step down after five years as host of CBS’s “The Late Late Show”. Hopefully, CBS will pick a host who’s charismatic, sharp-witted, and a terrific comedy writer. **crosses fingers**

Speaking of those movies above, I like to call films of that nature “divisive”. Whenever a movie that requires more than a static charge of brain activity to enjoy floats onto the ether, you get to hear the Wal-Mart shopping mouth-breathers who when confronted with this, go, “Fuck this! Gimme that titty movie instead!” When did this happen? Who knows. I work at a video store, and when The Royal Tenebaums was released, you’d have thought someone’s mother was being raped graphically on a grainy Super 8. The response was close to that. True, there are many out there who enjoy intellectual entertainment. But for the “American Idol” losers, one microsecond of applied thought is tantamount to fingernails on a chalkboard. I get to experience this once again when The Passion of the Christ is released on the 31st of August. One person starts quoting Scripture and I’ll have to promptly remind them that they’re standing in a place of business. If it’s not that, then it’ll be (cue twangy-accented voice)”WHAT THE HELL? YOU MEAN I GOTTA READ THIS DAMN MOVIE?!” Yes, sir. You do. And no, there’s no dubbed version, genius. Or the other group when I tell them “while technically proficient, I didn’t particularly care for the movie.” And contrary to some reports, the Jewish high priests *ARE* portrayed as blood-thirsty in the film. Don’t attempt to stare google-eyed when I say this, folks. You get the same look whenever I recommend something that doesn’t star Freddie Prinze, Jr. or Brittany Murphy.

Another gripe: Stop asking for help picking out a movie when you’re not going to rent it! Jeez!

No “Real Time with Bill Maher”. Instead HBO is running an Entourage marathon. It’s a funny, funny show so do yourself a big favor and tune in.

Michael Moore has 2 new books on the way.

We’ve done our Open To Buy at the store. Among the titles on there are Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol. 1 & 2, *several* Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, the documentary that exposes Fox News as a Republican shill machine, Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism. We’re also replacing Dopamine a somber romantic movie starring Sabring Lloyd (Sliders) that premiered at Sundance.

I still have a movie pass for Regal Entertainment Group. I need to go see Napoleon Dynamite before it leaves Savannah 10. Arthouse titles never last long here. Also, Garden State started playing locally yesterday at Carmike Cinemas Wynnsong 11 but I’ll have to wait until next week to see it.

I’ll be back with more later everyone. Enjoy your Friday!



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