Democracy at its finest…

ABC News Article on the protest

What a beautiful sight, folks. Thus begins the week long RNC onslaught of centrism masquerading as the Republican Party platform. Such noted party loyalists as Sen. John McCain, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and former New York mayor Rudy Guiliani among others will put on a Halloween mask and pretend to be their party’s go-to guys, when nothing could be further from the truth. So get ready for Zell “I’m A Republican But I Get More Press Attention By Still Saying I’m A Democrat” Miller and the whole motley crew of n’er do wells and raging hate-mongers. Why do I subject myself to this? Because I like to see the comedy that is Bush and his ilk, and you’ve got to be prepared when they come out with some ludicrous crap this week (The DNC will be setting up a war room to refute any RNC claims, much like the RNC did during the Democratic National Convention) BTW, don’t forget to head over to to find out how to register to vote. VOTE. I’m personally voting for Kerry (duh) but just VOTE. I’m tired of the slack-jawed morons my age who’d rather dial up an 800-number to cast their vote for the glorified karaoke contest that is “American Idol” than spending some time getting to know the issues, how said issues will effect them in the long run, and taking an active part in the political process. It’s sad and appalling! Inform yourself, take a van full of your best buddies, and VOTE!

Air America Radio will be adding Denver and Albuquerque on Monday. They added KLSD 1360 AM in San Diego last Monday and rumors have them coming to Philly and Atlanta very soon. Congrats to all those at Air America Radio and Piquant Media, LLC! Their shows (all except Mike Malloy who broadcasts from Atlanta) will be broadcasting LIVE from the “Heart of Darkness” at the RNC in Madison Square Garden. Joy! I can’t wait for their coverage and look forward to an infuriating and, thanks to AAR and The Daily Show, hilarious week of RNC coverage!

Writer/director Kevin Smith has finally announced his smaller-budgeted flick that he plans to write and direct (He may still write the screenplay for Miramax’s planned The Green Hornet.):

Clerks 2: The Passion Of The Clerks

Click here – – for all of the pertinent info.

I finished watching 13 Going On 30 last night and found it to be a sweet, charming film. I’d pay to watch Jennifer Garner read a phone book or for her to spend a night cuddled up on a couch watching a movie with me, so I’m biased. And yes, I was one of the eleven people that enjoyed Daredevil, so of course I’ll be seeing her in the spinoff film that hits theaters this January, Elektra. General Growth Properties – – is a company that owns almost all of the malls in North America. They own Oglethorpe Mall here in Savannah – – and have signed a deal with Twentieth Century Fox to promote their 2005 slate of movies, with Elektra being the first. So be on the lookout for giant posters and constant trailers featuring her in your local mall very soon. Alright enough of this before I sound like a stalker (oops, too late)

From Netflix yesterday I received two films: Dogville, acclaimed Danish director Lars Von Trier’s allegory on small-town America starring Nicole Kidman, Paul Bettany, Chloe Sevigny, Jeremy Davies, Lauren Bacall, and James Caan. The other was the Luke Greenfield-directed The Girl Next Door, starring “24”‘s Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsch (The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys). Hirsch plays a nieve, akward, and unpopular high school senior who comes out of his shell when the free-spirited Danielle moves next door and teaches him how to live. Then Hirsch discovers Danielle’s former profession was as a porn star. I’ve heard reviews of this film state that it combines American Pie and Risky Business, and that it has alot of heart along with humor. So I’m anxious to see both films.

Well, I need to clean up the kitchen so I’ll leave you to return to your Sunday activities, whatever they may be. Enjoy the rest of your weekend and get ready to chuckle at the laughfest at Madison Square Garden this week. Also, wish me luck in dealing with the onslaught of not-our-regular-customer customers when The Passion Of The Christ streets this Tuesday. Anyway, have a great evening and I’ll be back later!



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