The blameless vestal’s lot…

I finally saw Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind today and am glad that Charlie Kaufman reworked the beginning and ending from what I’d read in an earlier script two years ago. It’s an excellent movie and further amplified the fact that love is wonderful. Too bad that’s not in the cards for me, but so it goes, I guess…

Head on over to for a promo reel of the movie version of Frank Miller’s graphic novel(s) Sin City. Holy shit, wake the kids! I’ve never read them but Robert Rodriguez and Frank himself directed (Tarantino did one segment for a dollar, by the way) and it looks great.

Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow opens Friday. I can’t wait to see what first-time director Kerry Conran has developed, both technologically and artistically. The entire movie was shot on blue screens and was devised by him. It took him four years to develop the software. And he’s only two years older than me! It looks like a blast and I’m excited. Sir Laurence Olivier’s in it, for crying out loud!

Wimbledon looks charming. Not only does it have Kirsten Dunst in it, but those lovely UK chaps at Working Title are behind it (they gave us Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary) so I’m intrigued. Also, stop saying “chick flick”. I’m a guy and I can see what I want. Don’t presume just because of my gender I’ll not like a film. That’s just wrong-headed and off. I’m sorry if the lunkhead you’re seeing or are married to will only rent shot-in-Bulgaria direct-to-video Steven Seagal flicks, but that’s not me so don’t equate me with Jarvis T. Chucklehead over there, okay? Thanks a million.

Tomorrow I cash my check and see Before Sunset, dammit! I’ll post a review shortly thereafter.

On the DVD front, I’ll most likely pick up The Punisher tomorrow.

I want to get the book Fall On Your Knees. Google it. Jewel Staite of Firefly and Serenity fame proclaimed it, “the best book *ever*! Think I’ll give it a whirl. I also need to pick up A Very Long Engagement. It’s about a girl delving into her lover’s untimely death in WWII France and how she soon begins to believe he may not be dead after all. Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie) has directed the film version of this, starring Audrey Tautou from Amelie. It’ll be released by Warner Independent Pictures this winter. I need to read more. Maybe that’ll be my New Year’s Resolution…hmmm…

Well I need to wrap this up. Good night all and I’ll be back later with more thrilling minutae…



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