And so it is…

Damn. I didn’t post in a more timely fashion like I said I would. Oh well. This won’t be that long as I’ve got to rifle through TiVo some more.

I had to work 4-10 last night to cover for an ill co-worker and there was no one else to do it, as the rest of the staff that wasn’t working last night had to do our monthly overnight inventory.

Man wasn’t that debate a barn-burner? Kerry was spot-on, calm, cool, collected, knew his stuff while Bush came across as what he was: a gramatically-challenged, incompetent person who angers easily and cannot stand to be criticized. I’m greatly looking forward to the Vice Presidential debate this Tuesday at 9PM Eastern. The second Presidential debate is this Friday at the same time, and then there’s one more on the 13th. It’ll be quite interesting to see the former corporate executive (Cheney) going up against the trial lawyer (Edwards). The first thing I’d hit him with is, “Mr. Cheney, why in 2003 even though you stated you no longer have any ties to your former company Halliburton did you continue to receive money?,2763,912515,00.html

I’m just waiting for Richard “I’m Mr. Calm” Cheney to lose his cool. Even if he doesn’t, I can’t wait to see him try to be earnest and sincere…oh wait he can’t. Well then I stress the word “try” and that rhymes with lie and that’s all he and the criminals at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue do anyway.

A man I’ve seen in the store sporadically came in last night and struck up a conversation with me. He told me he wished he could be in my shoes, as he’s scheduled to go back to Iraq for a year again in December. I told him I’m sorry and conveyed my sympathy to him. The topic turned to the debate and his eyes lit up when I mentioned just how bad Kerry schooled Bush. He laughed and said he’d like to see that. I replied that he needs to head over to or any news site, that extensive clips are all over the Internet.

He then sighed and there was a small pause between us. He looked at me and said, “We’ve got to get him out of there [Bush].” As I recalled several of Kerry’s points from the debate, he nodded in agreement. He also made mention of how he’ll have to leave his very young daughter and miss out. He wondered if she’ll even recognize him. I shook his hand firmly and told him to watch his back and be strong. He returned the handshake and patted the top of my hand and smiled. “I will.” This really struck a chord in me and it made me further hate Bush for this reckless foreign endeavor. WE MUST REMOVE HIM. Get out and vote.

Another rather funny aside: We’re doing a rather noble charitable effort at work. You can donate a dollar (I have and plan to do more) to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. and then we place a paper bubble with your name on the glass wall behind our counter. A customer was unsure what to put on hers, so Jennifer (a co-worker) said, “What about ‘VOTE KERRY’?” The girl did so and then right before I got off of work, they told me that another girl, no more than seventeen or so, got all indignant and demanded that we remove it! NOW! IMMEDIATELY! Jennifer explained to her that um, we can’t do that. But you’re more than welcome to donate a $1 and place whatever you’d like on it. So she replied in hers: “VOTE BUSH”. This girl decorated hers with an ersatz flag (I guess) and stars. It was quite humorous.

Another co-worker, Andrew, is looking forward to this Tuesday evening. He closes on this night. Andrew has a twice-pierced eyebrow, long black hair, and a pierced tongue. He carries a Misfits bag, has an extensive collection of all things Nightmare Before Christmas. He’s a really cool guy and if you’re extremely conservative and intolerant of any thing slightly off from the norm, he’d scare you. His appearance is not that extreme. However, this Tuesday, the brilliant films Saved! and the most controversial film of the year, Fahrenheit 9/11, will be released. If the guy who stormed out of the store last Thursday while the trailer from Fahrenheit 9/11 played on our store promo DVD, yelling, “I want to shoot that guy!” is any indication, Tuesday should be *quite interesting* indeed. There are alot of blue people in red states, as Bill Maher says, and I’m one of them. So I’m anxious to see what we’ll have coming into our store on Tuesday.

Go to for a blistering Pearl Jam performance of Bob Dylan’s fiery anti-war song “Masters Of War” on Letterman. It’s on the CD Songs And Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11.

As previously stated, I watched the Joan Of Arcadia season premiere and am halfway through episode two. Good stuff, that. It doesn’t beat you over the head with religion and it’s extremely well-written. Check it out if ever you get the chance. Also left on TiVo: two episodes of Smallville, two of Veronica Mars, four of Jack & Bobby and after 10PM, the David E. Kelley spin-off of The Practice, Boston Legal. I also need to watch Angels In America.

Joan Of Arcadia


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  1. If Dick Cheney lost his temper he would die of a heart attack. He’s already had 47 of them. Which video store do you work at?

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