Dreaming is a singing of the mind…

Aha! It’s not Sunday! I told you I’d post before then! Silly you, not believing me!

Well I’m *going* to the Savannah Film Festival

Savannah Film Festival


Savannah College of Art and Design puts this on every year. Head over to the website to see the screening schedule. I’ll be attending several movies (Alexander Payne’s Sideways and Marc Forster’s Finding Neverland among them) and Roger Ebert’s critique of Citizen Kane. I’ll post reviews of the movies I see. I actually will. No really, stop laughing.

Well, the debate was the debate. Cheney was Skeletor, Edwards was plain-spoken and honest. Now we have the “town hall” debate tomorrow night from St. Louis with prepared-in-advance questions from people in league with each campaign. So how exactly is that town hall? But I digress. Onward!

Ladies and gentlemen, Savannah GA now has a Target! My mother and I went on Tuesday night and it’s awesome. The design is very modern and spread out. The store is attached to Savannah Mall, the city’s second mall. (It was built in 1990.) Hopefully, this will attract more merchants to this mall which was an economic powerhouse in the mid-90s and now it just seems to house tumbleweeds, huge-ass Bass Pro Outdoor World redneck store and new Texas Roadhouse restaurant not withstanding. This Target contains a pharmacy, groceries, a Starbucks, and a Pizza Hut. I’m anti-Wal*Mart and have been for a while. They also had some rather nice-looking bikes at reasonable prices and I think I might buy one to ride to work since the weather’s turning nice.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the two men behind South Park, have made the first action movie/political parody marionette puppet action adventure love story. It’s called Team America: World Police and there will be a sneak preview Saturday. It’s being sneaked in 600-800 theaters this weekend. Locally, it’s playing at 7:35. It looks great and I’ll be there for this one.

The Day After Tomorrow. Yeah, I’m going to rent it this Tuesday. You got a problem with that?

At work today, I had a very enjoyable political and movie discussion with a female customer and a friend who works at Armstrong Atlantic State University. We were talking about the aforementioned film festival (of which he and I are attending). Before this, the discussion was of Bush’s ineptitude, Kerry, Bush’s hypocrisy, how the “No Child Left Behind” Act actually leaves children behind. Our manager got really into this topic as she used to be a teacher. All in all, it was a wonderful, lengthy talk.

Pay day is tomorrow and surprise! Our company finally got their you know what together and my insurance deal complete. Hopefully, the cards will arrive soon.

Well, that’s all for now. More later!


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