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Today’s The Day…


I’m going to bed. Please go out there and vote. The election hangs in the balance and we desperately need change. Four more years of hateful, right-wing warmongering is not what the nation deserves. The United States of America is a wonderful country and we need a new president who will lead us into a stronger, more prosperous twenty-first century. Please go out there and vote today. I don’t care how long it takes…VOTE! 20 million people between the ages of 18-25 did not vote in 2000. We need all of those 20 million and more! So vote! Take ten friends! Get out there and VOTE! We deserve a change in the occupancy at 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue. Let’s make that change happen today!


About blackmarketwit

A blog written by a progressive individual (read: liberal…see, the word’s not evil) living in Anchorage, Alaska.This blog will be the thoughts and impressions I have about the political zeitgeist of our country, indie film, indie rock, books, coffee, television programming, how much I love Netflix, and any and everything in between.

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