A truly great show…

Last night I finished a marathon of all of the episodes of Jack & Bobby so far…thank you TiVo!

Jack & Bobby

This series is about the President Of The United States in 2040, Robert McCallister. Jack & Bobby follows high school students Bobby, his older brother Jack, and their liberal college professor mother, Grace. Into the mix is the daughter of the college president, Courtney. She has feelings for Jack, who’s dating the daughter, Missy, of a local reverend. Throughout the show, interspersed if you will, are interviews with various members of Bobby’s future administration and other politicians. I’m making the show sound vapid and uninvolving, but nothing could be further from the truth. It consistently portrays its characters with real and vivid motions. Christine Lahti is amazing as the vibrant and quite opinionated mother of the two boys. Another facet of the show that differs is the relationship between Courtney and the reverend’s daughter. This isn’t The O.C. and it depicts Missy reaching out to Courtney as a friend because all of her own are gossip queens.

Jack & Bobby

The other crucial piece of this dramatic puzzle is the testimony of various politicians. How Bobby was a Republican who ran as an Independent and won. How his campaign managed to avoid smearing a girl accusing him of sexual assault. Allegations of adultery with his female Vice President. The way he managed to avoid a second Cold War with China through a simple game of chess. Jack & Bobby presents a truly fascinating and intimate portrait of America, how one boy’s dreams and aspirations lead him to the White House. If you enjoy compelling drama, then please watch this show. It airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on The WB.

Jack & Bobby Official Website



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