Light up…light up…as if you have a choice…

This movie looks amazing. It’s out April 1st. Check out for the trailer. My rather large ass will be in the theater, no doubt about it.

My condolences to Debra Hill’s friends and family. She was a noted film producer of such films as Halloween and Adventures in Babysitting. She died too young and I always knew when I was younger that whenever her name appeared, the film I was about to see was a cut above the usual garbage Hollywood has a habit of spewing out. Ms. Hill was a frequent collaborator of John Carpenter’s in the late ’70s/early ’80s. RIP, Debra. You will be sorely missed indeed. Check out any of the news sites for her obituary. It’s a damn shame.

Congratulations to the Democrats for continuing to buck up against lamo W’s attempt to dismantle Social Security. Keep up the keeping up, gang!

I’m really enjoying my vacation for what it’s worth. Of course in my language, Broke Ass-ese, “vacation” translates into “sitting around on your ass”.

More later after I watch 24 perhaps. And I will be buying this CD post haste (after new shoes, that is) as I’m falling in love with everything Snow Patrol.

You can find their website at


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