Eating Long John Silver’s….

which I didn’t know we had in Savannah. Yeah there’s one in nearby Richmond Hill but until last night I was totally unaware of its existence. Thank you delicious excursion to Popeye’s (which I didn’t know existed either until two or three weeks ago) last night for the tip. I need to get away from the Southside of Savannah (where I live) more often.

I saw Sin City earlier today and enough breathless adjectives, all true, have been thrown its way to fill countless tomes. Nonetheless I will give my thoughts on it later.

I realize that as a blogger I’m pretty milquetoast and have been slacking as of late. I’ll try to make up for this. I promise.

Well I’ve spent all day around town looking for the book, Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon’s Firefly. As previously noted, I am a huge geek of all things Firefly and this is a collection of literate essays that pontificate on the themes raised in the series and what paths it may have taken had Fox not cancelled it. So the book was not at Waldenbooks, not at Barnes & Noble, and the computer at Media Play stated they had two copies but the guy couldn’t find them. They had them labeled in the computer as a BARGAIN BOOK and it puzzled him as the release date was noticed. So after looking in the FILM/TV section and said BARGAIN BOOK section, he offered to call me if he finds it. So I most likely be ordering this from Amazon if another trip to find it tomorrow proves uneeventful. But hopefully it will be. You know, I live in Savannah, GA and I thought that a newly released book would be alot easier to find since this is a decent-sized city. Might this be a good sign for us Browncoats if I can’t find the book? In any case, I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

Well it appears that Hell is finally bubbling over and flooding the earth en masse now. Tom DeLay is evil incarnate with his “I’m a fiery loon” act and the embezzling scheme, Republican senator John Cornyn of Texas equate the recent deaths of a judge and violence against another judge’s family as proof that some people might be angry over “judicial activism”. And they say Democrats are evil people that drink virgin blood in the waning moonlight? Please.

Oh and please head on over to to see the man-whore/fake journalist/nutbar Jeff Gannon/James Guckert get schooled at a journalism conference attended by the lovely Ana Marie Cox herself. She gets him on the ropes and continues to pummel him and it’s awesome. Normally “on the ropes” costs Gannon’s clients extra.

And good job Rome, booing the liar-in-thief. He deserves all of the scorn and spite one can muster.

And now pictures of the amazingly talented and quite beautiful Sarah Vowell, whose new novel “Assassination Vacation” I almost bought yesterday and still plan to.


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