I’m tired…

And oh so achy. You see, I had to do inventory last Saturday. I’ve not done this in quite some time so I’m well out of practice and as such am now sore in all of my extremities. Hopefully the soreness will cease soon.

Universal is currently amazed and plotting their next move. The ten cities holding advance screenings for Serenity on May 5th at 10PM are SOLD OUT. This occurred in one day. Check out http://www.cantstopthesignal.com for more info on this. So because of this Universal is astounded. I think they realize the massive fanbase on their hands and hopefully they’re going to do something awesome about it.

Crash comes out this Friday and I aim to see it and The Interpreter and Hitchhiker’s Guide sometime soon. I’m way behind on my movie theater attendance.


Sunday’s all-new Family Guy was awesome and I’m glad it’s back. American Dad I’ll give another shot or two but I can’t see this lasting that long.

I also have to work this Saturday from 4-10 because another co-worker is recovering from an emergency appendectomy. He will be seeing the doctor for a checkup this Thursday. If I have to work the floor and greet people (not that I mind, it’s just because of my soreness I’ve been a whiny bitch lately), I’m going to be fucking cranky. Oh well.

Late Night with Conan O’Brien is now being broadcast in HD. It was a bit disconcerting at first as the show is now shown in its proper aspect ratio, therefore it’s in widescreen. It’s all gravy though.

I have made a proclamation each and every summer that I’d make it my duty to see the new movies as they come out. And each year I wind up missing a semi-decent portion of them. This year will change, I promise. More reviews, more movies, more everything. I’m turning over a new leaf, cinema-wise. Just you wait and see, pretend person that actually reads this blog.


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