well, it’s wednesday…

and we’re currently cable-less. We’re going to 86 the digital cable box and just get good old fashioned cable, without all the frilly lace, bells, and whistles.
With Teeth is fucking awesome. I can’t stop listening to it. Standout tracks include the title song, “Only” (the video will be released in the next few weeks. It was directed by David Fincher!), the epic “Right Where It Belongs”, hell the whole album is stellar.
The Aviator arrived from Netflix today and I look forward to watching it. Even without seeing a single frame I know that Scorsese was robbed of his Oscar. I’ve already made my opinion abundantly clear. Eastwood already won for Unforgiven. Give Marty his fucking award already!
I guess with our current cable predicament I should finally start watching the series I’ve amassed on TiVo.
I’m blogging at a peculiar time. I have today and tomorrow off and I have to work Friday morning and Saturday night. A co-worker is getting married and another is going on a trip.
Well the whole Democrat/Bush right-wing looney judge debacle leaves me mixed. I think they could have gotten the votes. But at least the fillibuster is still alive and it pissed off Dobson and his ilk. I just wish the Democrats would grow a spine and attack the Republicans more aggressively. Dean’s doing well but he’s got to get this party into shape and start the ball rolling for compelling ’06 and ’08 candidates. Little by little, we’ve got to wake up the mindless sheeple and make them realize just how badly the Bush cabal has injured our democracy.
I’ve still got some dishwasher loading and trash taking-out to do. And then, dinner!
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