see this guy?…

He’s not the manager of a restaurant. He’s not some black sheep cousin kept locked in a back bedroom somewhere. He’s Howard Dean. The Democratic National Committee Chairman. Got that, Nancy Pelosi? Joe Biden? John Edwards? Bill Richardson? So stop with the fucking parlor games like he’s your twelve year old son who just ruined your dinner party. The more you act like insolent little milquetoasts the more the rabid Republicans fall all over themselves pronouncing the demise of the Democratic party. So grow a fucking spine and start acting intelligent.

Dean is doing what needs to be done, behind the scenes, to ensure the party doesn’t fly right off the tracks. Act locally, think locally. In order to win, we’ve got to show up. And guess what? That means IN RED STATES also. Those who can’t see the forest for the trees need to shut up and fast.


Well, we have DIRECTV. My IR cable came in the mail yesterday so I can now use my TiVo with my DIRECTV receiver. Joy.

Tuesday our computers at work stopped working. We were closed until 2PM. Our manager was working with me and she did not want us open while we were having technical difficulties. Cut to Wednesday. She’s out of town. The computers are down yet again. One of our senior assistant managers was working with me. So we followed her instructions. We waited and did not open the store. Technicians came to look at our system. They had to leave and pick up a part at the airport. Said part could take a long time to arrive. Another manager called and wondered why we weren’t running manually(!). You know, as in…write down all the transactions, etc. We explained our manager’s instructions. So lo and behold, our district manager who’s in Memphis for a conference calls and basically tells our senior AM to go manual. Our senior AM left messages on our manager’s cell phone telling her how his hand was being forced. God forbid we lose several hours of money! So we were manual for about an hour, then the techs returned and balance was quickly restored an hour and a half later but not before we had to check in and run an obscene amount of DVDs, VHS tapes, and games. So we finally opened with all systems running at 5PM. Let’s just say Wednesday was hellish and I had a few choice expletives I was eager to try out. And when our manager returns, she will be twelve kinds of hot over this, mark my words. is the website for director Robert Greenwald’s latest documentary Wal-Mart: The High Price of Low Cost. It will FINALLY shed some light on just how evil Wal-Mart is, from their predatory business practices to their anti-union, anti-employee policies.

with further ado i present to you…

this week’s black market wit friday femme fatale…


Check out Maggie’s bio at

Her resume at IMDb is located at

She’s an awesome actress who always embues each character she portrays with just the right amount of pathos, exuberance, and emotion. Maggie Gyllenhaal is one of, or dare I say, is the biggest actress around in my eyes. I’d rather watch Maggie in a scene than the same old boring Nicole Kidman movie with all of its mundane minutae.

Maggie Gyllenhaal has two new movies coming soon…Happy Endings and The Great New Wonderful. I am really looking forward to seeing what’s in store for Maggie Gyllenhaal and I can’t wait to watch her career flourish.


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