when does the bullshit end?!



That fucking lying sack of shit just keeps trotting out lie after copious lie, sprinkles references to 9/11 which has NOTHING to do with Iraq, and then attaches a crappy recruitment plea at the end. Your lame empty rhetoric is tired and old, asshole. Bring our boys and girls home. Be an actual human being for once…not that you know what that’s like…and actually admit your mistakes. Yeah, that’ll happen like I’m going to sleep with Angelina Jolie tonight.

And another big fuck you to MSNBC and Chris Matthews. What’s a great place to hold a town meeting? A coffee house? A restaurant? An auditorium? NOPE. Not in GE’s opinion. Nope, let’s hold it at a Baptist church in Nashville, TN! Yeah, that’s really fucking objective! Why not hold it at RNC headquarters?! One of these military wives was scary. If ever you saw Melanie Hutsell on “SNL” in the early ’90s, you’ve got some idea. It was all a big fucking show, with a guy screaming that senators need to go to Fallujah and see that morale’s not down among the troops, and all of these wives of soldiers who “don’t care if this thing goes another twelve years.” And then they throw a bone to two Muslim women who were very cogent, concise, intelligent, and informed. They expressed to this close-minded group that all Muslims aren’t terrorists and that bloodshed cannot bring peace. But then the Bush lovefest rolled on. These two wonderful women were the *ONLY* counterpoint in the room! Fuck you MSNBC! And if you don’t have Rachel Maddow on The Situation with Tucker Carlson tomorrow night (since you don’t have the balls to do so tonight), I’m going to be pissed. Mike Malloy will be on Air America Radio in eight minutes and I simply CANNOT wait to hear him roast this fucking hypocrite and his blind followers to shreds.

Sleater-Kinney “Entertain” music video

Good music is good food.

And now, without further ado, I belatedly present this week’s femme fatale of the week

Film Goddess


Parker Posey’s bio at Wikipedia

She first came to prominence in the 1995 indie film Party Girl and quickly cemented herself as a terrific actress. Far too many publications deem her the “Queen of Indie” but Parker is able enough for any role, be it a small arthouse flick or as queen of the vampires in Blade Trinity or in the upcoming Bryan Singer summer blockbuster Superman Returns. Parker Posey is immensely talented and is one of my favorite actresses. Some standout work she’s done is showcased in such films as The House of Yes, Dazed and Confused (where I first saw her), and her brilliant job in the Christopher Guest mockumentaries Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show.


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