The new "Serenity" movie poster…

Shiny, ain’t it? I very much doubt that this is the final poster but as a teaser, I like it. Now if we can get a more non-Browncoat style trailer and an ad campaign that doesn’t alienate the uninitated, I’m happy. BTW, this was revealed at the San Diego Comic Con, that annual mecca of all things cool.

And SCI FI has finally created their own page for Firefly, which debuts this Friday at 7PM and will air at that weekly timeslot. Very nice job, SCI FI. Now if we can get new episodes after the movie, I’ll be ecstatic. Universal has the rights to Firefly now, of course.

I hope that we’ll get video from the Serenity/Slither panel at Comic Con. I’m very anxious. I also need to get part one of the new 3-part Serenity comic book series. It ties the series with the movie. Alas, paychecks were late this week so I’m not getting paid until Monday. It was the fault of the company that cuts our checks. Methinks we need a new company to do this if they can’t get their ass in gear.

But I digress.

Firefly at SCIFI.COM

It’s Frito Pie time. Back with more later, including this week’s Friday Femme Fatale.


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