two of them…

Two femme fatales this week…one to make up for last week and one for this week….

the first…

Jewel Staite

Jewel Staite at Wikipedia

Mmm…Canadian girls…I need to get me one of them.

The next femme fatale will be posted Friday.

I just finished watching the British psychological thriller Trauma starring Colin Firth. It’s a head trip to say the least but it’s far too pretentious for its own good. And I loved the director’s last film, My Little Eye.

Eraserhead…the review is forthcoming.

There will be a new international trailer for Serenity that debuts online this Wednesday, if all things go well. **crossing fingers**.

As I got my paycheck today, I plan to seek out the first of the three-part Serenity comic book series this week.

I need to watch The Crow: Wicked Prayer. Hopefully we’ll get it at work soon. Yes, it streets tomorrow but we don’t have it. Yes, I’m aware our buyer sucks.

Well, the eyelids are drooping. Going to go relax, catch some TiVo, you know the drill…


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