stay tuned…

A review of this film is forthcoming. I also have The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, recently arrived from Netflix (today), to watch.

I must scrimp and save for Serenity on the 30th.

Plus TiVo has a million and one things for me. I watched the series premier of Bones last night, followed by House. Great television. I’ve also become addicted to Prison Break as well. The WB’s Supernatural is currently housed on TiVo. FOX’s Head Cases debuted tonight, and TiVo graciously snagged that for me as well. CBS’s David S. Goyer-co-created sci-fi series Threshold debuts Friday at 9PM. So I plan to immerse myself in fall TV goodness. It’s going to be crazy, with many a TiVo scheduling conflict.

The Emmys are this Sunday. I hope Hugh Laurie wins for House, Jason Bateman for Arrested Development, Arrested Development wins (although I think Desperate Housewives will take home Emmy gold; nothing wrong with that) and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart wins.


2 thoughts on “stay tuned…

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  2. We seem to like a lot the same shows! I didn’t watch Head Cases but I did the others. Bones was interesting I have been reading the books by Kathy Reichs for about a year, so it was pretty cool to see this show about her!

    I have the same problem with my TiVo scheduling, every August I have to sit down and open up Exel and create a time table and then choose out what shows I want to really see! Tough decisions! 😉

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