The before bed post…

Well to recap I’ve now seen Serenity 5 times. It just keeps getting better and better, folks.

I have a review of that film to post as well as the one I saw tonight (and really enjoyed) A History Of Violence. Let’s just say that Cronenberg is back…not that he went anywhere.

I purchased Fiona Apple’s new CD Extraordinary Machine. I’m mulling it over. I think this one will be a slow burn so I’m going to spin it several more times.

Stephen King’s new crime novella The Colorado Kid is out. It’s a throwback to the old pulp detective novels of the ’40s. Yes, I bought it. New Stephen King for only $5.99? You know I’m there.

And in really good news…

Our main Oldies station here in Savannah, Triad Broadcasting’s WGCO-FM (formerly Oldies 98.3) has been around for more than eleven years. It’s always had a very loyal audience. But after what happened today at 10AM, I imagine they’ll all be flocking to Cumulus Broadcasting’s less-than-a-year-old Oldies station WTYB-FM, Cool 103.9…

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen! We now have an official JACK FM station in Savannah! ABC Radio Networks distributes JACK FM and that’s what WGCO is using. I was just bemoaning the fact the other day that I was tired of Freedom 104.7, the lame imitator of JACK FM locally.

JACK FM is all about the presentation. Plus the playlist is killer.

Clueless as to what the hell I’m talking about? Click the following link.

No new website or logo has been released yet. I hope that will change very soon.

So this new radio station was a rather nice discovery today.

I’ll try to blog some more this weekend but TiVo is filled to overflowing presently and I have several DVD screeners from work to watch, chief among them High Tension, Happy Endings and The Mangler Reborn which I’ve heard is excellent.


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