tremendous thoughts…

Well, well, well…I’ve casually wasted my two days off. I was off yesterday and today; I work tomorrow and Saturday 4-close. And TiVo is patiently waiting for me, like a sad and forlorn puppy. It’s because I’m addicted to…

98.3 JACK FM - playing what we want
and have sadly been forsaking my TV-watching duties. I’ll also add in there DVD screener-watching duties. I may rectify that tonight, or stay up late and watch alot of stuff.

Here’s a recent music log of the new station.

98.3 JACK FM Music Log

I’m trying to correct my blogging lack thereof. I will try harder, I promise.

Pink Is The New Blog
Click the candles.

Pink Is The New Blog has quickly become a daily read of mine. It’s a great pop-culture treat, with webmaster Trent gathering up all of the movie, celebrity, music, and television news and gossip, hitting puree’ on the blender and serving up a very witty and entertaining website. Check it out; you’ll be bookmarking it before you’re done reading it.

More later if the mood compells me and thoughts strike me.


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