wednesday. is. today.

Alright…so how was your giving of Thanks? Mine was stellar, until a disagreement broke out between my mother and sister over minute things. All is well now, however. Isn’t that how the holidays are at times, though? Laughter can be a relief. It can bring joy and solace to someone when they need it most. […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As you feast upon bird today and sleep it off, have a great and happy holiday and don’t forget what this day is for: remembering how our ancestors raped and pillaged the Native Americans and their land. Oh, and it’s about fellowship and togetherness. Although what would Thanksgiving be without a little dysfunction? Huh? How […]

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radio to the power of x…

A while back, I had SIRIUS Satellite Radio. Air America Radio left their lineup, I did as well. I should have done more research instead of blindly jumping in headfirst with SIRIUS. I soon came to the realization that SIRIUS’s playlists on all of their music channels was quite repetitive and overplayed, the very antithesis […]

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‘Arrested Development’ gets the axe If FOX does can this, I sincerely hope that NBC picks it up. Imagine a Tuesday night comedy monolith… 8PM – My Name Is Earl8:30PM – Scrubs9PM – The Office9:30PM – Arrested Development I’d be there every Tuesday. Plus, I truly believe that the viewer retention going into Arrested Development […]


My new personal hero!

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) He kicked asses all over Washington today by demanding the Senate go into closed session. The move was made to shine an extremely bright light on the shoddy, faulty pre-Iraq war intelligence and it made ALOT of noise today. Kudos to him. Mr. Reid, keep up the great damn […]

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