to the nth degree…

The debut self-titled album from Morningwood was released yesterday (since it’s now Wednesday). You simply must go buy this! They’re the best band out now, with a dynamic lead singer in Chantal Claret. Visit their website at

And as if that’s not enough…

Rilo Kiley lead singer Jenny Lewis’s debut CD will be released on the 24th. I can’t wait! Finally some music I can really enjoy. I barely own any CDs and need to start getting more. With these two releases, I can confidently begin amassing new titles. I still need to get Rilo Kiley’s two other CDs, Take-Offs and Landings and The Execution Of All Things. Indie rock is alive and well and we should all do our part in supporting great music when we hear it. THIS is the future of rock, not worn-out claptrap like Nickelback or Shinedown or 3 Doors Down, lame corporate rock that all sounds the same.

I think I’ll see Walk The Line this weekend.


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