the day begins anew…

I’m about to head to bed. But first, a subtle reminder…tonight the clock starts ticking all over again…


That’s right, the most suspenseful show on television, the one that redefines the term “appointment television” returns with two nights of nail-biting tension. The series will then resume its normal timeslot, Mondays at 9PM Eastern all the way through the season finale. I have to make sure I make my hours at work (since I’m full-time I have to maintain a set number of hours) so I’m going in this afternoon of my own volition from 4-7 to run tapes. I will be home in time to watch 24! I’ll also have to TiVo the Golden Globes tomorrow, as 24 is paramount over that awards ceremony. Don’t get me wrong – I love the Golden Globes. It’s just that 24 is, well, 24.

I purchased Morningwood’s debut album at Best Buy yesterday for the awesome price of $6.99. It’s stellar, a really great album full of energetic punk-edged pop and rock tunes. I’ll post a proper review in the very near future.


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