"Art evokes the mystery without which the world would not exist." – Rene Magritte

The Telfair Museum of Art here in Savannah has its grand opening this weekend for its newest building, The Jepson Center for the Arts. It’s the first expansion in the museum’s 120 year history. Constructed at a cost of $25 million (after much hand-wringing and second guessing by the stuffed shirts at the Historic Board of Review) and designed by the same man who designed Jersualem’s Holocaust Memorial Museum, this thing is a sight to behold, even if one’s just looking at it from the outside as I did while running errands Friday afternoon. A guy accidentally drove into a parked car while looking at the Jepson Center the other day. The official grand opening was Friday and all weekend admission is free. I will be heading downtown to take in this wonderful new addition to our city. It is truly wonderful to have something artistic and creative added to our city, as it’s been sorely lacking. This city lacks culture and creativity so often and the Jepson Center for the Arts is a wonderful blast of cool air in a city that far too often is content remaining in the past. I’ll post a complete rundown of my visit later. Now, the shower is calling.

Jepson media coverage in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution follows…


And the Telfair’s website for the Jepson…


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