what a night…

Well, it was chaos to the nth degree at work tonight. Busy, busy, busy and then I paid the remainder of a late fee I had for Prime (which was a great movie, by the way). Robin took off the hold that always appears whenever an employee gets a late fee. But they recently changed the numerical codes for various items in the “edit” mode of accounts so instead of typing the new number to remove a “hold” she typed the old one and accidentally negated my employee status. So I called our AM, Jeff, and he called our manager, Cheryl. She was actually going to drive in from Hinesville but had him come in and rectify the situation. Suffice it to say my old employee #, with its history of 777 rentals, is no more. Factor in this with the maddening maelstrom of customer idiocy and general BS and voila – a rather crappy night. Then it took forever to leave as certain opening procedures had not been done this morning and that made our computers restart and think we were performing opening procedures. So Robin had to call computer support and shortly thereafter order was quickly restored. As the title states…WHAT A NIGHT! If tonight is not a much better evening, I’ll be quite pissed.

I brought home Rodrigo Garcia’s Nine Lives and Zombie Honeymoon from work. I also have Netflix and the massive collection of television TiVo has amassed, including the U.S. premiere of Doctor Who. I am a novice of all things Who so I can’t wait to see it. I also have some free previously-viewed DVDs I won for being a top seller of Rewards memberships (titles I chose include Millions, Layer Cake, and Elizabethtown) I also get to pick another one this week as I was top seller by one Rewards membership last week.

Yes, V for Vendetta came out today (well, technically yesterday as it’s past midnight now). No, I haven’t seen it, although I did read the graphic novel. I will hopefully see the film Monday after work. I still want to see The Hills Have Eyes as well as Inside Man, which comes out next Friday. Alot of good movies are finally coming out and the remainder of my income tax (I had to file an amendment…and you *can’t* e-file it…LAME!) is weeks away. Being broke sucks beyond the telling of it.


Clicking the link above will take you to AOL and Warner Brothers new venture, In2TV. It’s totally free and allows you to watch episodes of series like Lois & Clark, The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr., the animated Beetlejuice, and many more. I’m most excited about Freddy’s Nightmares, the long unavailable A Nightmare on Elm Street series that was syndicated back in the late ’80s. I remember watching it late at night/early AM on our local ABC affiliate and it’s great to be able to watch it again after so many years.

R.I.P. Peter & Kathleen Tomarken

While I was bit too young to watch Press Your Luck in its original airing, the summer of 1992 all I did was vegetate in front of USA’s weekday afternoon game show block (of which Press Your Luck was a staple) and drink iced tea out of a McDonald’s Batman Returns promo cup. Ah, memories.

Peter Tomarken was a legend. Some may think otherwise but in a total reversal of the superficial and phony on-air personalities we’re faced with today, he projected an affable, witty, cool, and personable demeanor without a bit of pretension. He was simply marvelous. The world has lost a great television personality and a wonderful part of television history.

This comes out April 21st. It’s the best movie poster, ever, in my opinion.

Here’s the synopsis of American Dreamz.

On the morning of his re-election, the President (Quaid) decides to read the newspaper for the first time in four years. This starts him down a slippery slope. He begins reading obsessively, reexamining his black and white view of the world, holing up in his bedroom in his pajamas. Frightened by the President’s apparent nervous breakdown, his Chief of Staff (Dafoe) pushes him back into the spotlight, booking him as a guest judge on the television ratings juggernaut (and the President’s personal fave), the weekly talent show American Dreamz.

America can’t seem to get enough of American Dreamz, hosted by self-aggrandizing, self-loathing Martin Tweed (Grant), ever on the lookout for the next insta-celebrity. His latest crop of hopefuls includes Sally (Moore), a conniving steel magnolia with a devoted, dopey veteran boyfriend (Klein), and Omer, a recent Southern Californian immigrant (who just happens to be a bumbling, show tune singing, would-be terrorist awaiting activation). When both Sally and Omer make it to the final round of Dreamz – where the President will be judging along with Tweed – the stage is set for a show the nation will never forget.

Of course it won’t be successful. It makes fun of the slack-jawed morons who love “Glorified Karaoke Contest”. Satire is not something they’d understand. But the point of the movie isn’t the singing show; it’s the fact that people in this society blind themselves from the news in favor of being complacent in their ignorance. Our national past-time is celebrating mediocrity and this movie appears to address that notion. I look forward to seeing it.


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