…unless we get a little crazy….


I *will* see this movie this weekend, come hell or high water. It’s so far one of the best reviewed film of the year, with an 86% Tomato reading over at RottenTomatoes.com

It’s just a damn shame that it’s not doing as well as I’d have liked it to. Damn snot-nosed brats and their foolish adherence to Ice Age: The Meltdown. A lovingly crafted throwback to great ’80s horror comedies like Night of the Creeps and Tremors and the masses simply bring their soccer mom SUVs to the same old, same old retread of a CGI movie that wasn’t all that great in the first place. But dollars speak volumes. Oh well. If there’s a silver lining in there anywhere it should pick up a bit this weekend and then next weekend there’s no competition to speak of so it might rake in a couple more million before recouping its cost on DVD in three months. Longest run-on sentence ever. Thank you very much.

The blog has taken a backseat recently and for that I apologize as I’ve been busy with work. I had inventory from 11:30 last night to 4:30 this morning. We would have been out of there earlier but we had to re-scan the XBox and Gamecube section and then reshift all of the movies. I came home at 5, watched some lovely TiVo, then crashed about 8 and woke up at 3.

I have this to watch. I’ve heard good things and I pray that David Benioff’s screenplay isn’t a lame pastiche of all thing Sixth Sense. I’m in the mood for a good, smart, effective supernatural thriller and I hope this is it.

Also on the bill is…

The Horror Channel gave this one a good review and at work it’s been slim pickings as far as new horror titles that look halfway decent (i.e. that don’t have that filmed-in-the-backyard-by-imbeciles look) so we’ll see how this one turns out.

If you live in Connecticut, please donate to Ned Lamont. Hell, if I had some extra cake to spare, I’d donate. Joe Lieberman needs to be kicked the hell out of office as he’s been the best Democrat the Republicans could ever want – a mewling, nodding sycophant willing to parrot any right-wing trope that’s ever thrown out there. Lest we forget the shudder-inducing kiss he received from Bush after that State of the Union address a while back.

Here’s a few links of what’s going on in CT via Daily Kos



and then georgia10 over at Daily Kos really does a bang-up job dissecting how, even thought the Bush censure won’t take, it’s still a marvelous tool that could effectively help the Democrats regain Congress this November by painting the Republicans into the now-testy corner of having to defend an indefensible Bush. Mr. 33%, indeed.



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