The day is Friday…it’s a cop…it wears a badge…

and I plan to see this later today – thank you connections.

Nicole Holofcener is a filmmaking goddess. If you’ve not seen her films Walking and Talking (1996) or the beyond brilliant Lovely & Amazing (2001), stop reading this and seek them out. Now please. When Lovely & Amazing came out on DVD it was around the same time as the terrible The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood. I would constantly let female customers know that Lovely & Amazing is a thousand times better, as its dialogue rings true and sincere, not like the tastes-like-screenplay patois that the Ya-Ya film foists upon its viewers. Each and every time they’d come back and thank me for recommending Lovely & Amazing.

I also plan to make some headway in regards to TiVo and Netflix (Aeon Flux is winging its way to me; hopefully it’ll arrive tomorrow) and maybe try to see American Dreamz or The Sentinel today or tomorrow as well. I have to work 2-6 on Sunday.

I will see United 93. People can hem and haw over whether or not a 9/11-themed film should exist at this point in time. My personal belief is that Hollywood churned out film after film about WWII *during* WWII and that as long as the subject matter is treated with care and a steady hand, it’s fine. Early word on the film states that writer/director Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday, The Bourne Supremacy) has crafted a masterful, gripping, haunting film experience that is never exploitative and that United 93 is the first four-star film of the year. Greengrass also worked closely with the family of the Flight 93 passengers and 10% of the opening weekend grosses will be going to 9/11-related charities. In any case, I will watch United 93. I think certain people will be alot more apprehensive when Paramount releases Oliver Stone’s 9/11-related film on August 11th, World Trade Center, starring Nicolas Cage as a real-life port authority worker.

I am almost finished reading The Da Vinci Code and it is a very taut, spellbinding novel and I can now fully understand why the Catholics are up in arms over it — especially the sect known as Opus Dei.

Edward Norton produced the latest film he’s in and it looks exceptional with a great cast. The trailer just debuted online at Apple’s movie trailer page. Click the poster to check it out. It’s a small film so of course that means we here in the uncultured dregs of a city known as Savannah will only get to see this when it’s thrown onto DVD by ThinkFilm this August. Have I mentioned that this town is quite lame, arthouse movie-wise? Because I think I have.

Down In The Valley

Whatever the case may be, I plan to post reviews of several films that I see this weekend. I’ve been slacking off for far too long lately.


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