also, a new channel emerges…and I have rediscovered my love affair with…

I was very excited to receive this channel. I’m mainly viewing it for Knight Rider and they’re replaying the cancelled-before-its-time Karen Sisco. I may also sample The Equalizer as well. They’ve also been running several decent movies but, as the channel is in its infancy, the schedule repeats itself each day. I sincerely hope NBC Universal doesn’t start throwing any of the Law & Order franchise onto Sleuth. There’s enough of that damn show elsewhere.

SLEUTH, an NBC Universal Cable digital suite of networks launched in first quarter 2006, is the premier entertainment cable channel dedicated to the popular crime/mystery/suspense genre, 24/7. SLEUTH features exclusive crime and mystery programming from NBC Universal’s extensive collection of feature films, classic television shows, reality series and documentaries, from Miami Vice and Homicide: Life On The Streets to Scarface and Casino. The unique Sleuth digital suite will include video on demand (VOD) content and a high-definition (HD) simulcast. To uncover more, visit:

Our local NBC affiliate here in Savannah, WSAV has been doing something really cool. In honor of their 50th anniversary, they’re airing “Golden Anniversary Theater” in which personalities from the station intro classic series that have run on the station in the past. Since the shows they’ve featured so far have been in black and white, so are the intros. They’d been airing Abbott and Costello but last night I was very happy to see them air The Addams Family! Since TV Land just stopped airing the series, I’ve been jonesing for an Addams Family fix. They’re also holding a voting contest at for which episode they should play next. Apparently The Addams Family aired Saturdays at 6PM in 1964 on WSAV, as back then Savannah did not have a true ABC affiliate so WSAV took up the slack in that department.

Of all of the series not yet available on DVD, The Addams Family would be my #1 pick to put out on DVD. They should load it with any deleted scenes, screen tests, making-of anecdotes, hell they could even throw in the Halloween movie if the rights allow it. And a John Astin commentary is a must; Lisa Loring & Ken Weatherwax should also be allowed to record a commentary. Sony would make a mint on this thing if it was properly promoted and loaded with special features.

Wow…it appears that the official DVD release will be happening in October; conveniently October 31st falls on a Tuesday this year, the normal street date for all DVDs. Cool!

I was up earlier this morning and realized that Boomerang is airing the 1992 animated series The Addams Family weekday mornings at 7AM. I set a Season Pass for that. It only lasted 21 episodes. It’s funny but as a child, we always assume there were 300 episodes of the animated series we loved when the opposite is usually the case.

Nap time is coming around the corner.

After tendering a partial payment of my balance at work, I procured the screener DVD of this…

Reviews were lukewarm at best when it was released to arthouse theatres earlier this year but with that cast involved, I figure it’s worth a look. A co-worker of mine said it was excellent.

Now, sleep and then perhaps I’ll finally screen Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.


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