I purchased the following items today…

Alright, well make that yesterday, by now…..

(In a move that really makes me applaud and give kudos to them, Warner Independent Pictures has made it known on their official website for the film version of A Scanner Darkly that Savannah WILL be getting the movie on August 4th! Now if only *other* arthouse distributors – Focus Features, Sony Pictures Classics, Paramount Classics/Paramount Vantage, Fox Searchlight, et al, I’m looking at you – would take the same initiative. Al Gore’s global warming documentary An Inconvenient Truth is supposed to go wide next Friday; we’d BETTER get it. There’s simply no reason why ten and eleven screen theaters need to only be playing FIVE FUCKING MOVIES. I don’t care how good Nacho Libre or Cars is; open up one or two screens for other, smaller films. Yes, I know they don’t rake in the big $$$ but throw us film cineastes a bone once in a while, for crying out loud!)

But I digress. Back to the list of today’s/yesterday’s procurements…



I’ve very much been looking forward to reading the aforementioned item; the albums are icing on the cake. I mulled over either getting A Scanner Darkly or Chuck Klosterman’s Sex, Drugs, & Cocoa Puffs: A Low-Culture Manifesto. I was uncertain but after seeing the other pop-culture laden tomes he’s written and remembering the witty anecdotes I read from the offering I mentioned just now, I think I’ll be picking up everything he’s ever written. I still have to finish Joe R. Lansdale’s Sunset and Sawdust.

It’s a really good read and Lansdale artfully embues the setting with the sad, wistful feelings of early 20th-century Texas living and the rampant racism and sexism that went along with it; sadly alot of that is still prevalent in this century.

Today Netflix will bestow upon me the 1996 Reb Brown film about a Hispanic maid who gets a thrill out of cleaning crime scenes. A serial killer is on the loose in Miami (played by Stephen Baldwin) and she may just get too close for comfort. I’ll also get Sarah Silverman: Jesus Is Magic, the film version of the comedy show she did last year.

I saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang last night. Shane Black deftly blended film noir with impeccable comic timing to provide a very funny yet very dark tale of intrigue, violence, corpses, and a severed finger. It’s a really cool film with really smart banter and good dialogue. Give it a spin if you get the chance. Firewall was good, with Paul Bettany making a really slimy villain. I really hope Netflix receives Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in a manner that allows my next title to be The Hills Have Eyes (2006). Everything that I’ve read touts that it’s miles above the remake and that French director Alexander Aja (the amazing High Tension) really made a terrifying horror film.

Last Sunday I got a haircut. A major haircut. Buzz cut. It’s quite disconcerting, as as long as I can remember I’ve never had my hair this short. It’s taken some getting used to (and many of our regular customers at work can’t believe it).

TiVo beckons. But first, some bedtime reading. Bed will most certainly soon follow. I went to bed about 6:15 Friday morning and didn’t wake up until 3:30PM. I really don’t feel like sleeping Saturday away.

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