the film that never existed (apparently)…

I was perousing Netflix about a week ago when I stumbled upon this film…

The film’s tagline is “Love on the razor’s edge of addiction.”

The plot?

“20 years ago, Carl was responsible for genetically engineering a girl with narcotic blood. Now he’s brought her home – and the boundaries between love and addiction are becoming increasingly blurred.”

Now I’m always in the mood for a good vampire movie so I’m eager to see this one. Yes, it’s made its way to ..1 on the ‘ol Netflix queue. However after reading several reviews (most of them favorable), I cannot seem to find any substantial info on the director, actors…hell, IMDb doesn’t even have a trailer nor does any other site. It’s like this film just sprung up out of nowhere. Hmmm…pretty odd…Anyway it was made in 2000 but just came out on DVD in September of 2004.

Little Miss Sunshine was phenomenal. Expect a review in a fortnight or so. Congrats to the cast and crew of The Office and 24 for their well-deserved Emmy wins.

Blogging will commence later. I have to be at work at 9AM.


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