hell yes!!!

Today we get to make up for twelve years of Republicans who shredded our Constitution, launched an illegal war, made it harder for the middle class and students by shifting the tax burden on their shoulders and all the while allowing corporate bail-outs, outrageous spending (hell Bush never vetoed any bill presented to him, no matter the cost, until July 2006), corruption and covering up the Mark Foley scandal, to name a few. During all of this they shouted us down as traitors, Benedict Arnolds, and terrorist sympathizers.

Now those same people, the new minority party, are clamoring for bipartisanship after years and YEARS of not giving an iota of it to the Democrats. Pot meet kettle please. It’s time to make these people pay, with investigations and critical scrutiny of what exactly has been going on in these hallowed halls for so long. As Nancy Pelosi said so eloquently after the elections, “It’s time to drain this swamp.” But first let’s get those first 100-hour pledges enacted ASAP: increasing the minimum wage, getting affordable health care, pay as you go spending, rolling back the massive Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, to name a few.

Now let’s not think I’m putting on the rose-colored glasses here. As we all know Bush plans to announce, in a speech next week, his new plan: “Surge & Accelerate”. The speech’s theme will be “sacrifice”. As in young men and women sacrifice their lives for this continual lie while he stands behind a podium, hair shiny with hairspray in an air-conditioned building thousands and thousands of miles away. If the Democrats don’t engage in a political battle over this ill-gotten foreign travesty, I and millions of other voters will be outraged. We didn’t vote for you just to have you mewl like a kitten. It’s time to expose the razor-sharp talons and use them. If the Democrats falter or waver on any promises, you better believe I’ll be there to call their asses on it, as will many others They cannot be allowed to grow complacent.

For now let us celebrate a well-deserved victory. It’s time to take back Washington D.C.. It’s time to hold those who abused power for so long accountable. It’s time to make this country fair for all again, not just the obscenely wealthy. We now have a moment in America’s history to correct wrongs and shape the outline of this country back to the way it used to be – one of hope, prosperity, and charity – and away from the black chasm we’ve had to endure for far too long. In 56 minutes, we will have the first female Speaker Of The House and the first Democratic Majority in 12 years. Good luck. Make us proud. Get to work but don’t forget who put you there. Let the changes and investigations begin.


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