So…Spider-Man 3 And Ice Cream…

Thanks to….

I’ll be seeing this soon…

You see they have a Sunday morning feature they call their “Beatles Block”. You can submit three Beatles songs for them to play during that time. If selected, you win a large three-topping pizza from Papa John’s (which I already redeemed a week and a half ago) and a certificate for two passes to Trademark Cinemas’ Victory Square Stadium 9 to see a film of your choice. This particular theater had been closed for almost ten years. Then in November, Trademark Cinemas re-opened it, after spending $1 million renovating and refurbishing it with stadium seating and digital sound. Plus it has a soda fountain and a butter station. I’m eager to see what they’ve done with the place. Regal owned it way back when but closed it after declining sales and rowdy crowds (at night it can be an unsafe environment) forced them to. Thankfully, this new company has a strict policy – children 16 and under *must* be accompanied by an adult. So I look forward to seeing Spider-Man 3, even if the reviews have been lukewarm at best, and seeing it at this new theater.

I’ve done it! I finally caught up with Heroes! I had a marathon early Sunday morning, and finished watching all of the episodes I’d stockpiled on my TiVo. From “Godsend” (episode 12) all the way through the most recent episode, “Five Years Gone” (episode 20). Now I’m all ready for tonight’s episode, “The Hard Part”. This show constantly amazes me with how great it is. I can’t wait to see where it’s going!

I vacuumed the living room about an hour and a half ago, then made scrambled eggs and toast for my mother and I. She’s currently sleeping, a few feet away here in the living room – in the recliner, per her doctor’s orders, as she had surgery last month on her right arm to help alleviate her fibromyalgia pain; while they were in there they removed a bone spur. She’s healing nicely but can’t sleep in her bed for a while; her first physical therapy appointment is tomorrow.

Groceries will invade our house tomorrow and if I am not able to procure this…

I will become a whirling dervish of ass kickery. I have longed to try this culinary colossus but no stores in the area have had it. Boo! What the hell?! I mean it, area supermarkets – you’d better have this in stock or it’ll be my wrath you’ll have to deal with!

More thoughts will tumble out later…for now, it’s time for sleep.


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