absent though i’ve been…

Well, things certainly have gotten quiet, huh?

Since early August, I’ve been working at Cible. Parlez-Vous Francais, then read that word and you’ll get my drift. While the pay is an immense improvement over what I’d made at my previous jobs, it’s far removed from my level of experience and the close to a decade in customer service I have. So while the work is grueling and taxing, money’s money. Despite the very nice people I work with on a daily basis, there’s no there there. I long for the interaction and rapport that customer service gives. It’s my lifeblood. That and movies. I just sincerely hope that the one job out there I have my eye on will be mine. ***crosses fingers*** At least then I’d be in my element. We can only hope.

Other than that, there’s not much else to talk about. I’ve got alot of movies to watch (as usual), Netflix, TiVo, you know, the usual suspects. I picked up The Monster Squad Two-Disc 20th Anniversary Special Edition DVD last weekend. Lionsgate really outdid themselves. I still have the two commentary tracks to devour. Now if only they can do the same for director Fred Dekker’s other 1980s cult classic horror film Night Of The Creeps.

There are also a million cool indie movies screening downtown in the next fortnight. Good luck on me seeing them, as I’ll be working.

I’ve been forsaking this blog for far too long. I know I always say it but reviews – movie and TV show-related and maybe even book-related (I’m currently reading Chuck Palahniuk’s newest novel, Rant: An Oral Biography Of Buster Casey.) – are indeed forthcoming. So stay tuned. Despite my intense and altogether busy, busy, busy schedule, I’ll definitely make time for this blog. MARK MY WORDS. I’m off today (Wednesday) and tomorrow so expect a flurry of blogging to follow.

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