Well it’s the beginning of another week and tomorrow I will arrive at MovieStop at 8AM and begin unpacking and alphabetizing all of the tons of DVDs our stores will initally carry. I sincerely hope that we have help. Otherwise it’ll be just the store manager, the area manager (what the company calls their district manager), and myself. Either way, it promises to be a very busy day. We open October 6th.

Yesterday, I worked from 10AM-4:45PM. We put in shelves behind the counters, unpacked the computers, printer, laminate machines, the mouse for each computer, the cash drawers, merchandise scanners, monitors, credit/debit machines and got all of that good stuff hooked up. The alarm and camera systems are installed, the phone’s close to being hooked up and we unpacked the DVD release date board. Programming the computers et al will happen later this week.

Therefore I am resting up today so as not to be too tired tomorrow, even though I slept from 1:35 this morning until close to 2PM today. Calling that catching up on sleep is an understatement. I’ll more than likely go to bed after the Sunday animation lineup on FOX. One thing’s for certain – I’ll be a bleary-eyed zombie once we’re open. I have no doubt about that, especially since we’ll be running a “Buy 2, Get 1 Free” DVD sale on used product. Now we just need to get word of mouth to travel far and wide.

I saw The Ten at The Lucas Theatre Friday night.

As a longtime fan of the cast of MTV’s amazing ’90s sketch comedy show The State and their 2000 film Wet Hot American Summer, I’m always there for whatever they do. As this city continues to not have any indie/arthouse theater, we have to feast on scraps. The film is even funnier than I’d imagined, with spot-on work (as always) by Paul Rudd. I could sit here and rattle off the cast and how terrific they are in this hilarious film but that’s nothing – you’ve got to see it firsthand. Winona Ryder, Gretchen Mol, Liev Schreiber, and Ken Marino also deserve mention. Hell, even Michael Ian Black inspires peals of laughter by merely appearing onscreen, delivering lines from a famous play, and simply giving a look to the camera. This is another in a long line of slam dunks from The State alumni (also, rent the Comedy Central series Stella on DVD) and if you’re tired of overblown, mindless nonsense that the multiplexes always program instead of catering to moviegoers that want variety, immediately see The Ten. It’s one of the best movies of the year.


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