currently crazy but hanging in there as best I can…

Long story short, my mother’s cancer is also in her liver and bones (I’m thinking hips). She’d been scheduled to have a port put in (for her chemo) Monday at 8:30AM at Candler Hospital.

I came home from work Sunday at 10:35PM and found my mother unconscious in the front seat of the car. I called my sister, we called 911.

We’re thinking it’s because she was prescribed these pain-relief fentanyl patches), along with percocet and morphine. She mixed all three, a big no-no, and it caused her to basically turn into a zombie of sorts, with some coherent moments mixed in.

We took her to Candler Hospital (not the one closest to us – that’s St. Joseph’s -, though they’ve merged and as a whole company are called St. Joseph’s/Candler; Candler’s across town) where she’d been scheduled to have a port put in (for her chemo) at 8:30 Monday morning. They took her vitals, gave her breathing treatments, and hooked her up to oxygen. Once her vitals were decent, they decided to go ahead and put in the port, which they did. They also decided to admit her to the hospital, to monitor her condition.

My sister and I ate breakfast in the cafeteria while the procedure was going on. I got home Monday at 1:30PM; we’d both been at the hospital since a little after 2AM Monday morning.

My mother did call me at 1PM or so Tuesday afternoon. She was coherent and couldn’t believe that she’d zonked out in the car. She also said that the hospital planned to release her in 2-3 days. Per my sister (who I called from work earlier Tuesday evening), they decided to go ahead and start her chemo. I was also informed that her oxygen levels seem to go down without her being hooked up so they’re trying to get those to a manageable level. But my mother seemed pretty with it when I spoke with her, stating that it had been frustrating trying to talk to the hospital staff when it felt like she was talking through a fog, so to speak.

I believe they gave her her third chemo treatment today. She’s doing better than before; I spoke with her earlier today, informing her of the NH primary results, and earlier this evening (well, technically yesterday evening) about bill payments and the like.

So as you can plainly see, it’s been quite the ordeal around these parts lately. I’m keeping my head and my spirits high the best I can.


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