An update…

A week and a half ago, I learned that the chemotherapy has reduced my mother’s cancer by 80%. To say we’re ecstatic is an understatement. She had a morphine pump installed Monday; despite it being a day surgery in order for her insurance to cover it, she had to be admitted. She’ll be released tomorrow.

Three or four weeks ago, I purchased an iPod touch. I really love it, though I’m mainly using it for podcasts of NPR, Stephanie Miller’s radio show, and various movies and episodes of TV series I enjoy (Supernatural, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, et al) . Plus whenever I’m able to, the wi-fi is really cool.

I think I’ll watch several episodes of Torchwood – The Complete First Season, which I purchased back in December. I have six or seven episodes of Season Two on TiVo. I also have the first season of Dexter to finish.

More later…


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