blogging…begins again…

I picked up R.E.M.’s new CD Accelerate. Scrounge through your couch cushions and purchase this album. NOW. Counting Crows new CD is fairly good.

I’ve got alot of TiVo to catch up on and some DVDs to watch. I’ve been working my ass off so my blogging hasn’t been existent.

That being said, however, I do plan to get my annual Summer Movie preview posted soon. I’m off Sunday (I was off these past two days but other things, i.e. bill paying, bathroom cleaning, entered the equation.) so I’ll try to get that posted along with some reviews.

Please go rent or buy Inside. This French horror film will invade your dreams.

More posting will commence soon. Honest engine. This extended blogging sabbatical has sucked beyond the telling of it and I look to rectify that post haste.


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