27 years ago today, I was born…I’ve been away…and now I return…

Alright alot’s happened. My mother has passed away (September 29th) and I’m currently housesitting in Honolulu. It’s a long, long story.


As my mother’s health waned, this blog was the least of my concerns. Initially, I thought about how fruitless continuing this blog would be. What would be the point?, I often mused. The driving force in my life was no more. But those thoughts quickly melted away, as I know she’d want me to continue. Writing’s always been my strongest suit and to silence that would serve no purpose.

And yes, today, December 2nd, is my 27th birthday. In years past, I’d go to dinner and then a movie with my late mother. It was a ritual of sorts and it’s a bit hard, as it’s my first birthday/holiday without her. As I’m currently a shut-in housesitting in a city I know nothing of, I’m thousands of miles away from the family I have, and my funds are tighter than a dirty metaphor, I’ll be having a quiet evening at home with three DVDs from Netflix. And I’ll be gazing at my Amazon Wishlist.

I miss Mom terribly. But go on we must and so I will. I plan to make my own choices in life, all the while conducting myself in a manner with which she’d be proud of, if not completely approve, as she always wanted me to be my own man, make my own choices, and learn and live from them. And no, I’m not talking about drugs or copious amounts of alcohol, but to make choices and stand by them. To quote her “find some personal happiness”. Perhaps one day that will include companionship from someone of the opposite gender. That’s a lovely idea, a terrific concept but I’m not one to throw myself out there, all cavalier and scattershot. Plus I’d have to find a really cool, witty, articulate female who’s not a basket case. And that’s a long wait for a train that doesn’t come. Hell, it’s been years since I’ve actually…but that’s a topic for another day.

I hope that all’s gone well for anyone who might come across this missive in the vast wasteland known as the Internet. More blogging, lots more to follow.

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