Ladies and gentlemen, President Barack Obama…

President Barack Obama takes the oath of office.

Though it’s now become a cliched political phrase, it’s quite a telling and true statement, and one I can hardly yet believe – after eight long, torturous years, our long national nightmare is over.

No more will we have to suffer at the whims of a no-nothing frat boy who prided himself on willful ignorance and an appetite for apathy toward all those who weren’t like him, who didn’t tow the corporatist line.

We now have a new president who values the worth of the written word, the wealth of our ideas, the shared wisdom of our collective experiences, and is ready to lead us forward into tomorrow, with a bold agenda of progressive ideas aimed squarely at getting our economy back on track, helping our burdened families and workers, making health care affordable and easily accessible, and restoring our standing in the world as a national power that trusts and values its allies and their opinions.

These are but a sampling of things the Obama administration has in store. Will they get to them all? Who knows? I certainly hope they do and will be attentively watching each and every day at every policy decision and administration idea.

For now, let us celebrate President Obama’s historic victory and enjoy that our nation has come so far and made a momentous leap forward, on a path forged by those that came before us and one we will follow again, in order to make our nation that great beacon of hope and possibility it once was and can be again.

Much like President Obama and his beyond amazing Internet team transformed the face of modern politics by growing their support base through the vast resources this technology provides (and did so like no other candidate and now President has ever done), President Obama has now brought that innovation to the official website of The White House (which was online precisely at noon Eastern Standard Time)…

Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House, explains…

Welcome to the new I’m Macon Phillips, the Director of New Media for the White House and one of the people who will be contributing to the blog.

A short time ago, Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of the United States and his new administration officially came to life. One of the first changes is the White House’s new website, which will serve as a place for the President and his administration to connect with the rest of the nation and the world.

Millions of Americans have powered President Obama’s journey to the White House, many taking advantage of the internet to play a role in shaping our country’s future. is just the beginning of the new administration’s efforts to expand and deepen this online engagement.

Just like your new government, and the rest of the Administration’s online programs will put citizens first.

And just like the administration, the website echoes the same ideas of communication, transparency, and participation and ushers in a new era that values its citizens opinions and ideas.

As we all celebrate this historic day, a day I am overjoyed with, take some time to surf over, browse around, and enjoy the brand new and totally redesigned White House website. Let us all enjoy ourselves today.

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