Continuing my Ingmar Bergman film festival….

And the dive into the Bergman collection continues! “Taking its title from Friedrich Schiller’s “Ode to Joy,” adapted by Beethoven for his Ninth Symphony, this tragic romance opens with a violinist, Stig (Stig Olin), learning of the sudden death of his wife, Marta (Maj-Britt Nilsson). During a prolonged flashback, Stig remembers the delights and tribulations […]


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The cinema screenings continue…

I’m diving back into The Criterion Collection’s incredible “Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema” collection. “Traveling to accept an honorary degree, Professor Isak Borg—masterfully played by the veteran filmmaker and actor Victor Sjöström—is forced to face his past, come to terms with his faults, and make peace with the inevitability of his approaching death. Through flashbacks and fantasies, […]

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This has been long overdue….

It’s time to finally watch the extended version of this, which features an additional fifty minutes of footage. It’s one of the best films ever made. “Four decades into an already legendary career, Terrence Malick realized his most rapturous vision to date, tracing a story of childhood, wonder, and grief to the outer limits of […]

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Currently screening…

The stark black and white cinematography in this by the late Robby Muller is amazing; he also shot “Paris, Texas” for Wim Wenders. And kudos to Jarmusch for the opening titles; it’s a lost art these days, and it shouldn’t be.

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My Summer Hundred

I am an epic procrastinator when it comes to watching films. But I’m attempting to make amends with this rather ambitious undertaking, suggested by a friend who could watch all these titles in a weekend. I plan to view all of these films, which I handpicked, by summer’s end. And if I’m REALLY feeling froggy, […]

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Finally! is live!!! Muhahaha!!! So hang on! Now that I own the domain, expect big things very soon!  

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Up next…Plus this awesome Criterion Collection edition comes with another noir title from Kubrick’s filmography – “Killer’s Kiss” #NoirSummer

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